Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’m a nutritionist with a special interest in all things gut health and digestion.

I help people to manage their digestive issues, IBS  and optimize their health through  small changes to their food and lifestyle.

If you’re fed up avoiding foods for fear of digestive discomfort and missing out on time with friends and family, you’re in the right place!

If you are struggling with bloating, IBS or are struggling with food fear because of this, I’m here to help you.

Book your free discovery call here

‘My experience with F.I.G . Nutrition was a highly positive and motivational experience.
Sarah was a very welcoming and personable nutritionist , I didn’t feel judged for any of my
eating habits. She was kind, thoughtful and patient when it came to the programme which
made the overall experience less daunting and intimidating.’

‘I would definitely recommend F.I.G. to a friend. No matter what your diet issue is, Sarah
strives to push you towards healthier eating habits and manages to create a plan suitable to you.’

My mind feels different: I am thinking clearly and it feels I have headspace for other important things Incredible how good nutrition and wellbeing can change your life.

Get more information on the causes of bloating and manage here

Get in touch to find out how to work with me here 


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